Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Life

Hey my name is Micki Hutchins and I'm 12 and I want to give a shout out to ( give it a vist ) and that is becuse they made me WANT to do a blog not becuse my mom MADE me.Ok a little about my self:I have four half-sisters.Im kinda in the middle but not at the same time.It goes Crissy ( who is eight ) then ( myself and im 12 ) then Alana ( who is 14 ) Kat ( who is 15 ) then maddie ( who is 17 ).I only live with Kat.Crissy and Alana live toghether with there mom and dad.Maddie live's with just herself and her mom.I'm very happy to say my parents are happly married.My mom and dad were both in the army.My mom had Kat and then me.Imagen being in the army with a two year old and a three Month year old ( yours truly ).My mom and dad met in a how do you say it........simple way....simple but sweet.My mom need butter so she asked a friend to get her some.So that friend asked another friend ( my dad ).Then my dad asked my mom to merry him ( after datting of coures )at peter pipper pizza.My dad wanted to be a pro baseball or football player.But that couldn't happen.My mom and dad went to the doctor becuse my mom needed a check up.The doctor looked sad for some reason.Mom and dad found out.My mom had cancer :(.I don't remember that though.My mom had cancer but she got through it.Two or three years later my mom had cancer AGAIN.I feel soooooooo lucky to still have my mom and I feel a little bit of pain that other kids,or anyone thats has lost someone.I was nine when i got my first dog.I named him Radar.His story is sad for me I will tell you as little as possible becuse im still very sad.Radar was a cripple.He wasn't when i got him.He was parilized from the waist down.He had a diper becuse he couldn't control his blader.He had a a wheelchiar.My mom and dad came into the room uh-oh I thought ( becuse when they come into your room alone thats pritty bad but together.......your in trouble ). My mom and dad came in a they told me Radar had to go.I was confused.I tried to figer it out.Ok, my mom and dad were telling me to give up MY dog.To give  up my best friend. To give up that dog that I slept with the dog that I hugged when I was sad that I talked to when I mad.Buddy that I stuck to MY FIRST DOG.MY BABY.Well, I know, I know that Radar is walking.I can't imagen looking at that determed little face and that dogs eyes and him not walking.I have a new dog now ( a wener dog,Radar was a wener dog to )his name is Dashner.Comparing his and Radar's personality they are A lot alike:determend,playful,LOVE'S to lick A LOT.Every morning I wake up to a playful little puppy licking my face.I also play violin.Ok im done thats my life i want to ask you something.Whats your life story if you want do a little story for me.Well,untill next time Bye Bye.


  1. Thanks for posting your life story! It made me sad in some parts, but it made me happy to see where God worked it all out!

    Well here is a really short version of my life story!

    My dad was born in Guatemala and then came to the U.S. He joined the army and went to Korea where he met my mom (who was born in Korea). Then they moved to Germany where they had me. 2 years later they moved to El Paso. When I was 8 years old, they had my little brother Joseph (who is now 23). While living in El Paso I had a dog named Sparky. My dad had a really major surgery and he thought we had to get rid of the dog because he might get sick from it. My whole family was in Dallas and I was all alone. I took my dog to the pound and I was so sad. I was crying! But then my family came home and my dad was healthy. One day I met your mom (Marie). I got to know and love your family. Your mom told me I need to get out of El Paso. Little did she know that she started the journey for me to go to South Korea and become a missionary teacher and love missions! So now I live in South Korea and visit El Paso. And that's all folks!

    1. Elsa, I'm sorry about your dog as well. It seems we all have to have a sad dog story to be able to share ...... I'm really glad I got to know you and you got to know me and had the sense to listing to me ;-)

  2. thank you.Sorry about your dog. :(

  3. Micki, thank you so much for sharing your story! Of course, I knew everything already, but I LOVE hearing it from your perspective! You are such a wonderful young lady and I look forward to getting to know you more and more as you grow up and become the beautiful woman that God created you to be!